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Recent Submissions

  • Higher education in south africa: a scholarly look behind the scenes 

    Bitzer, Eli (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2009)
    BOOK BLURB: A most stimulating collection of articles on the current state of South African higher education and of scholarly inquiry into key issues of higher education in South Africa, as well as in other parts of the ...

  • Focus on first-year success: Perspectives emerging from South Africa and beyond 

    Leibowitz, Brenda; van der Merwe, Antoinette; van Schalkwyk, Susan (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2009)
    BOOK BLURB: The importance of the first-year experience is now well recognised. This collection of papers makes a fascinating and important contribution to our understanding of students’ transition to higher education. ...

  • Higher Education for the Public Good: Views from the South 

    Leibowitz, Brenda (Trentham Books, 2012)
    BOOK BLURB: Higher education contributes to the public good in many ways. This book argues for transformational and reflexive approach that takes full account of the nature of the university, its practices and programmes. ...

  • Curriculum inquiry in South African Higher Education: some scholarly affirmations and challenges 

    Bitzer, Eli; Botha, Nonnie (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2011)
    BOOK BLURB: In looking at the construction of curriculum from a trans- and multidisciplinary perspective at the higher education level, this book initiates and supports the issues of curriculum design and purposes, escpecially ...

  • Collaborative research in contexts of inequality : the role of social reflexivity 

    Brenda, Leibowitz; Bozalek, Vivienne; Farmer, Jean; Garraway, James; Herman, Nicoline; Jawitz, Jeff; McMillan, Wendy; Mistri, Gita; Ndebele, Clever; Nkonki, Vuyisile; Quinn, Lynn; Van Schalkwyk, Susan; Vorster, Jo-Anne; Winberg, Chris (Springer Verlag, 2017)
    This article reports on the role and value of social reflexivity in collaborative research in contexts of extreme inequality. Social reflexivity mediates the enablements and constraints generated by the internal and ...

  • An imagined discussion about tackling doctoral supervision 

    Trafford, Vernon (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2016)
    A discussion about tackling doctoral supervision.

  • Counting and countering the opportunity cost of professional learning: a ‘care-full’ approach 

    Herman, Nicolene (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2016)
    Introduction: Professional learning of lecturers for their teaching is a field in which Eli Bitzer did important work, specifically during the earlier years of his career in higher education. The hard work to establish ...

  • Introduction: Perspectives on the first-year experience 

    Van Schalkwyk, Susan; Leibowitz, Brenda; van der Merwe, Antoinette (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2009)
    The international focus on the first-year experience (FYE) represents a strong and well-established movement in higher education. A focus on what happens in the first year at university, and how this influences student ...

  • What makes a good first-year lecturer 

    Leibowitz, Brenda; van Schalkwyk, Susan; van der Merwe, Antoinette; Herman, Nicoline; Young, Gert (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2009)
    Introduction: The first year is an important stepping-stone in the career of the undergraduate student. Lecturers of first-year students play an important role in guiding students into this new phase of their lives. Much ...

  • Tutoring is fun: a study investigating tutor motivation 

    Burgoyne, Mégan; Jansen, Ada; Smit, Carina (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2009)
    Introduction: In the global higher education context, diminishing resources, growing student numbers, larger class sizes and a pressure on academic staff time, are cited as some of the reasons for the increase in use of ...

  • Factors influencing the learning process in first-year chemistry 

    Adendorff, Hanelie; Lutz, Marietjie (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2009)
    Introduction: [First-year chemistry students] think that by being in class the information is magically absorbed and stored in their brains. This sentiment, as expressed by a first-year chemistry student at Stellenbosch ...

  • A lesson in listening : is the student voice heard in the rush to incorporate technology into health professions education? 

    Keiller, L.; Inglis-Jassiem, G. (Health and Medical Publishing Group, 2015-05)
    Background. Early indications are that blended learning in health professions education has a positive influence on student satisfaction and learning. This is encouraging, as the call to incorporate technology in teaching ...

  • Modelling the pre-assessment learning effects of assessment : evidence in the validity chain 

    Cilliers, Francois J.; Schuwirth, Lambert W. T.; Van Der Vleuten, Cees P. M. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2012-10)
    OBJECTIVES We previously developed a model of the pre-assessment learning effects of consequential assessment and started to validate it. The model comprises assessment factors, mechanism factors and learning effects. The ...

  • The relationship between identity, language and teaching and learning in higher education in South Africa 

    Leibowitz, Brenda; Adendorff, Hanelie; Daniels, Shariefa; Loots, Ansie; Nakasa, Sipho; Ngxabazi, Nosipiwo; Van der Merwe, Antoinette; Van Deventer, Idilette (Stellenbosch University, 2005)
    The study on the relationship of identity, language and teaching and learning was conducted by a team of eight members at a higher education institution in the Western Cape. The aims of the research were to investigate the ...