The effect of surgical glove powder on cleavage of two-cell mouse embryos in an in vitro fertilization programme

Kruger T.F. ; Cronje H.S. ; Stander F.S.H. (1985)


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The effect of surgical glove powder on the development of early mouse embryos was studied. Embryos from F1 hybrid mice (C57 B1/6 x CBA) were suspended in Whittingham's T6 growth medium with 10% human serum, using Petri dishes (Falcon 3001). Contamination was brought about by a sterile, powdered, surgical glove touching the surface of the growth medium for less than a second in group I, and in group II the same procedure was followed but the glove was rinsed beforehand with sterile, four times distilled water and air-dried. In the control group (group III) no contamination with surgical glove powder occurred. In group I only 9 of 137 embryos (7%) reached the blastocyst stage, in contrast with 110 of 196 (56%) in group II and 258 of 287 (90%) in group III. The differences in results between groups I and III, groups I and II, and groups II and III were found to be statistically significant (P < 0.001) by the chi-square test. It is concluded that surgical gloves are a potent inhibitor of early embryonic growth. In an in vitro fertilization programme including follicle aspiration and embryo transfer, contamination of embryos with these gloves should be avoided at all costs.

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