The knowledge of the registration of the role of the doula in the facilitation of natural child birth

Kaibe, Nonkululeko Veronica (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2011-03)

Thesis (MCur)--University of Stellenbosch, 2011.


ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This research was an attempt to investigate the role of the doula during labour and the promotion of natural childbirth as well as the assessment of the effect of the presence of the doula during natural childbirth. There has been a shift from home-based deliveries to hospital-based deliveries, which does not sufficiently provide for optimal care and emotional support to the women during labour. The registered midwives in the maternity units in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape region in both private and public hospitals displayed some reluctance in using the doulas during labour. The design for this study utilised a quantitative approach which is non-experimental, explorative, descriptive and contextual in nature. The data -collection method used was only the statistical data from the registered midwives’ questionnaire designed as per the format from the University of Stellenbosch. Research ethics implemented were confidentiality, informed consent, privacy, protection, information and debriefing. Validity and reliability had to be observed on this study as it was observed that the content of the study had to be closely related to what was measured, as well as consistency of the data –gathering instrument in obtaining the same results in similar situations The study took place at the Port Elizabeth Maternity Units in the Eastern Cape with registered midwives (40 in the Public Sector and 45 in the Private Sector),and 45 in the private sector of the maternity units of the selected hospitals. The results of this study and the interpretation thereof assisted the researcher to confirm that there was indeed a great need for the doulas during natural childbirth in the maternity units in the public sector, where there is a shortage of registered midwives and care workers to attend to the basic needs of the patients. The value of the contributions of the doula to support and provide comfort measures to women during labour should not be underestimated; and registered midwives should be informed about the important role of the doula and how the doula can complement the obstetrical care rendered by the midwife.

AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Hierdie navorsingstudie is uitgevoer om die rol van die doula of kindergeboorte-begeleidster gedurende baring in die bevordering van natuurlike kindergeboorte asook die effek van die teenwoordigheid van laasgenoemde te ondersoek. Die klem het verskuif van tuisbevallings na hospitaal- bevallings. Hierdie tendens het veroorsaak dat daar nie genoeg voorsiening gemaak word vir versorging en emosionele ondesteuning nie. Die geregistreede vroedvroue in die verlossings-eenhede in Port Elizabeth in die Oos-Kaapse streek, in beide openbare en private hospitale toon ‘n mate van onwilligheid om doulas tydens baring te benut, Die studie ontwerp is non-eksperimenteel, eksploratief, beskrywend en kontekstueel van aard, met ‘n kwantitatiewe benadering. In kwantitatiewe studies help die ontwerp, die navorser deur middel van prosedures om akkurate en interpreteerbare data te ontwikkel. Die studie is onderneem by die Port Elizabeth se Verloskunde-eenhede in die Oos-Kaap. In hierdie hospitale is daar 40 geregistreerde vroedvroue in die Openbare- en 45 in die Privaatsektor. Die resultate van hierdie studie en die interpretasie daarvan het die navorser gehelp om te bevestig dat daar inderdaad ‘n groot behoefte bestaan vir die bydraes van kindergeboortbegeleidsterss en veral in die openbare sektor waar daar groot tekorte aan geregistreerde vroedvroue voorkom en nie genoeg personeel is om in die basiese behoeftes van die pasiënte te voorsien nie. Die waarde van die bydraes van doulas om ondersteuning en bemoedigingsmaatreëls vir die vrou tydens baring te voorsien moet nie onderskat word nie; en geregistreerde vroedvroue behoort bewus gemaak te word van die belangrike rol van die doula en hoe die doula die obstetriese sorglewering van die pasient kan komplementeer.

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