Sport marketing in the Western Cape with specific reference to the implications for tourism

dc.contributor.advisorLeibold, M.en_ZA
dc.contributor.authorVan der Heever, Ivan Charlesen_ZA
dc.contributor.otherStellenbosch University. Faculty of Economic & Managemnet Sciences. Dept. of Business Management.en_ZA
dc.descriptionThesis (MComm)--Stellenbosch University, 1996.en_ZA
dc.description.abstractENGLISH ABSTRACT: Sport organisations in the Western Cape are finding it increasingly difficult to survive. The major problem seem to be a lack of financial resources, but the financial position of any sport organisation is the culmination of a number of factors which directly or indirectly influence the financial status of these organisations. It is clear that sport organisations did not develop at the same pace as other business enterprises, with the result that they are still managed on an informal basis and, in many instances, by volunteers. It is therefore easy to realise why virtually no active marketing of sport organisations is currently being undertaken. It is absolutely necessary that sport organisations start applying the principles of the marketing science if they want to ensure their survival. A total transformation of the organisation might be required and the best way to face this possibility, is to undertake a process of strategic planning. The sport organisation will then be forced to look at all aspects of its operations in a scientific manner. Strategies should be devised in terms of each one of the elements of the marketing mix for sport organisations, namely the sport product, price, place, promotion and public relations. It is also clear that co-operation amongst sport organisations is vitally important in terms of the development of the sport industry. In addition, the appointment of professional marketing personnel will ensure the proper implementation of the sport organisation's marketing plan. The key marketing success factors for the marketing of sport are presented in order to provide sport organisations with guidelines which could be of assistance in the planning process. The relevance of these success factors will be determined in each case by the nature and extent of operations of the organisation. The implications of sport marketing for the promotion of tourism in the Western Cape are also considered. This is done primarily in the form of major sport events and its influence on the tourism industry. This study proposes various recommendations for sport marketing and sport tourism. The outstanding feature of these recommendations is the recognition of the need for an organisation to foster co-operation amongst sport organisations and also between the sport industry and the tourism industry. It is generally recognised that tourism in South Africa has potential for enormous growth over the next few years, In this regard, it is important to realise that sport has a unique role to play in the promotion of tourism in the -Western Cape. Sport organisations are seemingly not aware of their current and future contributions to tourism, with the result that there is a lack of interaction and co-operation between sport organisations and the tourism industry. This situation will have to be addressed in order to integrate sport into a tourism strategy for the region.en_ZA
dc.description.abstractAFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Sportorganisasies in die Wes-Kaap vind dit al moeiliker om te oorleef, hoofsaaklik om finansiele oorwegings. Die finansiele posisie van enige sportorganisasie is die resultaat van die direkte of indirekte invloed van ' n aantal faktore op die finansiele status van sodanige organisasies. Dit is duidelik dat sportorganisasies nie teen dieselfde pas ontwikkel het as ander sake-ondernemings nie, met die gevolg dat hierdie organisasies steeds op 'n informele basis en deur vrywilligers bestuur word. Dit is dus duidelik waarom daar huidiglik byna geen aktiewe bemarking van sportorganisasies plaasvind nie. Dit is absoluut noodsaaklik dat sportorganisasies die beginsels van bemarking op 'n wetenskaplike basis toepas om sodoende hul oorlewing te verseker. Dit mag 'n totale transformasie van die organisasie vereis en die beste manier om hierdie moontlikheid te aanvaar is om 'n proses van strategiese beplanning te onderneem. Die sportorganisasie sal dan verplig word om wetenskaplik na alle aspekte van sy bedrywighede te kyk. Strategie moet dan ontwikkel word in terme van elkeen van die elemente van die bemarkingsmengsel vir sportorganisasies, naamlik die sportproduk, prys, plek, promosie en eksterne betrekkinge. Dit is ook duidelik dat samewerking tussen sportorganisasies uiters belangrik is in terme van die ontwikkeling van die sportbedryf. Daarbenewens sal die aanstelling van professionele bemarkingspersoneel die korrekte implementering van die sportorganisasie se bemarkingsplan verseker. Die belangrikste faktore wat die behoorlike bemarking van sport sal verseker word voorgestel om sodoende riglyne, wat waardevol in die beplanningsproses kan wees, aan sportorganisasies te verskaf. Die toepaslikheid van hierdie faktore word in elke geval bepaal deur die aard en omvang van die bedrywighede van die organisasie. Die implikasies van die bemarking van sport vir toerisme in die Wes-Kaap word ook in oenskou geneem. Dit word hoofsaaklik gedoen na aanleiding van die invloed van groot sportgebeurtenisse op die toerismebedryf. Daar word algemeen aanvaar dat toerisme in Suid-Afrika groot potensiaal vir groei in die volgende jare inhou. In hierdie verband is dit belangrik om te besef dat sport 'n unieke rol het om te speel in die bevordering van toerisme in die Wes-Kaap. Sportorganisasies skyn nie bewus te wees van hul huidige en toekomstige bydraes tot toerisme nie, met die gevolg dat daar 'n gebrek aan interaksie en samewerking tussen sportorganisasies en die toerismebedryf bestaan. Hierdie studie maak sekere aanbevelings ten opsigte van die bemarking van sport en die invloed van sport op toerisme. Die uitstaande kenmerk van hierdie aanbevelings is die besef dat daar 'n behoefte bestaan aan 'n organisasie wat samewerking tussen sportorganisasies, asook tussen die sportbedryf en die toerismebedryf , sal verseker.af_ZA
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dc.publisherStellenbosch : Stellenbosch Universityen_ZA
dc.subjectSports -- South Africa -- Western Cape -- Marketingen_ZA
dc.subjectTourism -- South Africa -- Western Capeen_ZA
dc.subjectSports and tourism -- South Africa -- Western Capeen_ZA
dc.subjectDissertations -- Business economicsen_ZA
dc.subjectTheses -- Business managementen_ZA
dc.titleSport marketing in the Western Cape with specific reference to the implications for tourismen_ZA
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