Localized form of Fock terms in nuclear covariant density functional theory

Liang H. ; Zhao P. ; Ring P. ; Roca-Maza X. ; Meng J. (2012)


In most of the successful versions of covariant density functional theory in nuclei, the Fock terms are not included explicitly, which leads to local functionals and forms the basis of their widespread applicability at present. However, it has serious consequences for the description of Gamow-Teller resonances (GTR) and spin-dipole resonances (SDR) which can only be cured by adding further phenomenological parameters. Relativistic Hartree-Fock models do not suffer from these problems. They can successfully describe the GTR and SDR as well as the isovector part of the Dirac effective mass without any additional parameters. However, they are nonlocal and require considerable numerical effort. By the zero-range reduction and the Fierz transformation, a new method is proposed to take into account the Fock terms in local functionals, which retains the simplicity of conventional models and provides proper descriptions of the spin-isospin channels and the Dirac masses. © 2012 American Physical Society.

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