Mechanism of the 93Nb(p- ,3He) inclusive reaction at an incident energy of 160 MeV

Cowley A.A. ; Van Zyl J.J. ; Dimitrova S.S. ; Zemlyanaya E.V. ; Lukyanov K.V. (2012)


The inclusive 93Nb(p- ,3He) reaction to the continuum was investigated at an incident energy of 160 MeV. Emission-energy distributions for cross sections as well as analyzing powers were explored. A range of scattering angles from 15 â̂̃ to 60 â̂̃ (lab.) was covered and 3He emission energies from ≈30 MeV to the kinematic limit were measured. As in our earlier work, the experimental distributions were compared with a multistep direct theory in which a reaction mechanism based on two-nucleon pickup is employed. Reasonable agreement between experimental double-differential cross sections and analyzing powers and the theoretical expectation was obtained. This work, together with published results for the same reaction at a lower projectile energy, allows the incident-energy dependence of the cross section and analyzing power distributions to be explored. © 2012 American Physical Society.

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