Introverted explorations

Kidd, Ferdinand (2012-03)

Thesis (MA (VA))--Stellenbosch University, 2012


ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This thesis investigates a variety of different texts I find interesting, and reveals how these texts provide insight into my artistic practise. This thesis investigates what the combination of a collection of texts that interest me can reveal about my concerns and artistic practice. Most of the primary research takes the form of utilising seemingly randomly selected texts, although the selection process is far from arbitrary. The motivation for the initial selection of the specific texts derives from one common source: my personal and artistic interest. These texts all interest me in very specific ways. This implies that there must be something that they all have in common. The central factor that brought these texts together is my own preoccupations. The themes that arise from the comparison and juxtaposition of these texts will thus be themes of my own creation. If these themes are generated by me, then they will inevitably be self-reflexive and reveal as much about me as about their own subject matter. Because my personal interest is the driving factor behind the research process, the thesis takes the shape of an individuated response to the specific texts, and as such the results are unexpected and dynamic. The nature of the research is closely related to that of my practical work. This is why I use my artistic practice as a central vehicle to bring all the threads and ideas together in the second half of the thesis. The themes that arise from the writing process, when viewed in conjunction with my artistic practice, not only place this practice within a theoretical context, but also clarify (for myself as much as for viewers) Ferdinand Kidd. Introverted Explorations. Stellenbosch University. 2011 many obscurities. In the end this process helps me to better understand and answer the question that has been with me since I started making art: When I can do anything, why do I do what I do?

AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Hierdie tesis ondersoek die kombinasie van 'n versameling tekste wat my interesseer. Die fokus is op wat hierdie versameling tekste oor my eie spesifieke belangstellings en kunspraktyke uitwys. Alhoewel die grootste gedeelte van die aanvanklike navorsing blyk na 'n onwillekeurige seleksie van tekste, is hierdie seleksie-proses geensins arbitrêr nie. Die oorspronklike seleksie van tekste vir die tesis het een aspek in gemeen: my belangstelling. Die tekste is vir my op 'n sekere en spesieke manier interessant. Hieruit volg die afleiding dat die tekste 'n kenmerk in gemeen het en as die sentrale faktor wat hierdie tekste byeengebring het, myself is, is die temas wat ontwikkel uit die vergelyking en jukstaponering van die tekste dus temas wat ek geskep het. As ek dus die temas geskep het, is dit noodwendig self-reflektiewe temas wat net soveel oor myself as hul eie onderwerpe onthul. Aangesien my eie belangstelling die dryfveer agter die navorsingsproses is, is die tesis in wese 'n geïndividualiseerde respons op spesifieke tekste met die gevolg dat die resultate onverwags en dinamies is. Hierdie aard van die navorsing stem ooreen met die aard van my praktiese werk. Gevolglik gebruik ek my eie kunspraktyk as 'n sentrale tema om die verskeidenheid idees en gedagtes byeen te bring in die tweede helfte van die tesis. Met behulp van die temas wat uit die navorsing- en skryfproses ontstaan en dan binne verband met my eie kreatiewe praktyk geplaas word, word my kreatiewe praktyk binne 'n teoretiese konteks geplaas, en terselfdetyd word obskure konsepte sinvol toegelig. Uiteindelik bewerkstellig hierdie proses 'n antwoord en beter begrip vir die vraag wat sedert die aanvang van my kunspraktyk ontstaan het: Wanneer ek enigiets kan doen, hoekom doen ek wat ek doen?

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