The authorship of the Book of Consolation (Jeremiah 30-31) [Die Verfasserschaft der Trostschrift Jer 30-31]

Stipp H.-J. (2011)


Konrad Schmid has developed the thesis, mainly from intertextual pointers, that in contrast to older views the so-called « Book of Consolation» (Jer 30,4-31,26*) contains no poems by Jeremiah himself, but originated as a redactional creation. The present article examines his arguments and concludes that the phenomena in question can in most cases only be explained by common authorship. This has the further consequence that we must begin with an authentic core to the passage. The article concludes with some consideration of the possibility of distinguishing between different causes of intertextuality: identity of authorship, intentional cross-references and chance. © 2011 Walter de Gruyter.

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