Stellar electron-capture rates calculated with the finite-temperature relativistic random-phase approximation

Niu Y.F. ; Paar N. ; Vretenar D. ; Meng J. (2011)


We introduce a self-consistent microscopic theoretical framework for modeling the process of electron capture on nuclei in stellar environment, based on relativistic energy density functionals. The finite-temperature relativistic mean-field model is used to calculate the single-nucleon basis and the occupation factors in a target nucleus, and Jπ=0±, 1 ±, and 2± charge-exchange transitions are described by the self-consistent finite-temperature relativistic random-phase approximation. Cross sections and rates are calculated for electron capture on Fe54,56 and Ge76,78 in stellar environment, and results compared with predictions of similar and complementary model calculations. © 2011 American Physical Society.

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