Die voorstelling van die Noordweste as ruimte in George Weideman se digbundel 'n Staning onder sterre

Viviers, Marni (2008-03)

Thesis (MA (Afrikaans and Dutch))—University of Stellenbosch, 2008.


The Northwestern Cape enjoys prominence in George Weideman’s comprehensive oeuvre. Weideman, who was raised in this area, explains that it is a region with which he has a strong emotional connection. In this study the representation of space will be examined with specific reference to Weideman’s portrayal of the Northwestern Cape in the volume of poetry 'n Staning onder sterre (1997). The focus will be on Weideman’s depiction of the Northwestern Cape and more specifically his portrayal of it as both a geographical space and a space of the landscape. Not only does Weideman represents the geographical space of the Northwestern Cape in great (objective) detail, he also presents the reader with a very personal (subjective) depiction of a landscape with which he has strong personal ties. In fact, it is the premis of my study that Weideman’s depiction of this space is more personal than objective. Rather than just a geographical space, it becomes a metaphysical domain with spiritual, creative and intertextual dimensions; a landscape that is accessed through memory and the imagination. Although 'n Staning onder sterre is filled with geographical markers and functions as a cultural and historical document which gives an account of an unique region and its people, this volume of poetry should rather be read as a petit histoire in which the poet’s personal convictions continuously surface during the representationprocess.

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