A new classification of the South African endemic family bruniaceae based on molecular and morphological data

Classen-Bockhoff R. ; Oliver E.G.H. ; Hall A.V. ; Quint M. (2011)


The classification of Bruniaceae is reviewed based on molecular (matK, ITS, rbcL) and morphological data, and the tribes and genera are redefined as monophyletic, morphologically diagnosable lineages. The family is subdivided into three tribes and six genera with 81 accepted species, Linconieae (Linconia), Audouinieae (Audounia [incl. Tittmannia], Thamnea [incl. Pseudobaeckea teres]), and Brunieae (Berzelia [incl. Brunia p.p.], Staavia [incl. Raspalia staavioides], and Brunia [incl. Nebelia, Pseudobaeckea p.p., Raspalia p.p., Lonchostoma, Mniothamnea]). A key for the new classification, a short description of each genus and an updated nomenclature of all the species are provided. Two new tribes are described and thirty-eight new combinations and names are provided.

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