The combination of living radical polymerization and click chemistry for the synthesis of advanced macromolecular architectures

Akeroyd N. ; Klumperman B. (2011)


Since its introduction, click chemistry has received a considerable amount of interest. In this contribution, the term click chemistry and the reactions that fall under this term are briefly explained. The main focus of this review is on the application of click chemistry in conjunction with living radical polymerization for the synthesis of advanced macromolecular architectures. Therefore the most powerful living radical polymerization (LRP) techniques are discussed and an overview of click chemistry in the different synthetic schemes is given. A large number of examples are shown that include the synthesis of block copolymers, star-shaped polymers, surface modified particles, and polymer-protein conjugates. The enormous potential of LRP/click chemistry is probably best exemplified by the synthesis of different miktoarm star copolymers, to which a separate section is dedicated. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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