Estimation of gestational age at birth. Comparison of two methods

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Show simple item record Serfontein G.L. Jaroszewicz A.M. 2011-05-15T16:15:37Z 2011-05-15T16:15:37Z 1978
dc.identifier.citation Archives of Disease in Childhood
dc.identifier.citation 53
dc.identifier.citation 6
dc.identifier.issn 00039888
dc.description.abstract Seventy-three low birthweight babies were independently assessed for gestational age using the scoring system of Dubowitz et al. (1970) and 5 neurological reflexes described by Robinson (1966). The results obtained by the 5 reflexes were compared with those obtained by the scoring system and were found to be accurate estimations of gestational age. The 5 reflexes may be used for babies of gestational ages 29 to 37 weeks, but above 37 weeks the scoring system must be used.
dc.subject diagnosis
dc.subject gestational age
dc.subject low birth weight
dc.subject major clinical study
dc.subject methodology
dc.subject newborn
dc.subject Comparative Study
dc.subject Gestational Age
dc.subject Human
dc.subject Infant, Low Birth Weight
dc.subject Infant, Newborn
dc.subject Methods
dc.subject Reflex
dc.title Estimation of gestational age at birth. Comparison of two methods
dc.type Article
dc.description.version Article
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