Synthesis and characterisation of thiolato Schiff base nickel(n) complexes. X-Ray structures of Ni(η5-C5H5)(PPh3)(SC 6H4N=CHC6-H4Br-4′) and Ni(η5-C5H5)(PBu3)(SC 6H4N=CHC6H4CH3-4′)

Nevondo F.A. ; Crouch A.M. ; Darkwa J. (2000)


A series of complexes of formula Ni(η5-C5H5)(PR3)(SC 6H4N=CHC6H4X-4′) (R = Ph, Bu; X = F, Cl, Br, CH3, OH, H) has been isolated from the reactions of Ni(η5-C5H5)(PPh3)Cl or the bromo derivative, the thiol Schiff base ligands, 4-HSC6H4N=CHC6H4X-4′, and triethylamine. Preliminary thermal analysis data indicate that the PBu3 complexes could exhibit liquid crystalline behaviour. Electrochemistry of the PPh3 compounds gave irreversible redox couples, in contrast to the quasi-reversibility of the PBu3 compounds. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2000.

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