The effect of gangue components on the reduction of manganosite by graphite: an isothermal kinetic study

Van Deventer J.S.J. (1987)


Mixtures of manganosite (MnO), graphite and various gangue components were reacted isothermally under argon, and the loss in mass was recorded continuously. Manganosite reduced first to Mn5C2, which then reacted with the remaining manganosite to form metallic manganese. Additions of haematite (Fe2O3) revealed no significant effect on the reduction of MnO by graphite, while CaO, MgO and Al2O3 accelerated the reduction slightly. The reaction was enhanced significantly by additions of K2CO3. Silica (SiO2) retarded the reduction appreciably, possibly because of the formation of β-MnSiO3. The influence of these impurities on the Boudouard reaction was observed during the isothermal gasification of graphite in an atmosphere of CO2. © 1987.

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