Chirality in odd-A nucleus 135Nd in particle rotor model

Qi B. ; Zhang S.Q. ; Meng J. ; Wang S.Y. ; Frauendorf S. (2009)


A particle rotor model is developed which couples several valence protons and neutrons to a rigid triaxial rotor core. It is applied to investigating the chirality in odd-A nucleus 135Nd with π h11 / 22 ⊗ ν h11 / 2- 1 configuration for the first time in a fully quantal approach. For the two chiral sister bands, the observed energies and the B (M 1) and B (E 2) values for the in-band as well as interband transitions are reproduced excellently. Root mean square values of the angular momentum components and their probability distributions are used for discussing in detail the chiral geometry of the aplanar rotation and its evolution with angular momentum. Chirality is found to change from a soft chiral vibration to nearly static chirality at spin I = 39 / 2 and back to another type of chiral vibration at higher spin. © 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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