Excitation and decay of electric giant resonances in the 40Ca(e,e'x) and 40Ca(p,p'x) reactions

von Neumann-Cosel P. ; Diesener H. ; Helm U. ; Herbert G. ; Huck V. ; Richter A. ; Schrieder G. ; Stascheck A. ; Stiller A. ; Ryckebusch J. ; Carter J. ; Cowley A.A. ; Fearick R.W. ; Lawrie J.J. ; Mills S.J. ; Newman R.T. ; Pilcher J.V. ; Smit F.D. ; Vilakazi Z.Z. ; Whittal D.M. (1994)


The excitation and decay of electric giant resonances in 40Ca in the excitation energy range Ex = 8 - 26 MeV was investigated with the (e,e'x; x=p,α) reaction for momentum transfers from 0.25 to 0.66 fm-1. The angular correlations of proton decay into low-lying states of 39K are successfully described by a RPA continuum approach emphasizing the importance of multistep contributions. The dominant reaction mechanism is extracted from a comparison of the branching ratios into resolved final channels with statistical model calculations and a fluctuation analysis. First results of a 40Ca(p,p'x) experiment covering the same 40Ca excitation region permit insight into the fine structure of the GQR and its decay. © 1994.

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