Modelling of hydrocyclone performance based on spray profile analysis

van Deventer J.S.J. ; Feng D. ; Petersen K.R.P. ; Aldrich C. (2003)


Spray profile measurements can be used to calculate the underflow rate, and consequently, be related to hydrocyclone performance. The flow geometry of the spray discharge is found to arise from velocity patterns at the outlet orifice. Through a videographic example of an industrial hydrocyclone, it is shown that underflow profiles are typically parabolic, a feature which is indicative of the velocity at which the fluid exits. The inclusion of gravity in this model clearly highlights deficiencies in currently used models. Moreover, an intimate knowledge of factors affecting the profiles of the underflow of a cyclone is essential for the correct interpretation of videographic images. Subsequently, image data are used to estimate outlet velocities, which give an excellent insight into various fluid mechanical phenomena that are not appreciated by analysing basic operational variables. The exit velocities are used to calculate underflow rates, which are related to mass recovery in the underflow. © 2003 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.

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