The solution of waveguide scattering problems by application of an extended huygens formulation

Geschke R.H. ; Ferrari R.L. ; Davidson D.B. ; Meyer P. (2006)


The implementation of a recent new hybrid integral-equation/vector finite-element method formulation applicable to inhomogeneous obstacle scattering in hollow waveguide, requiring discretization just of the obstacle, is presented. The integral equation links the given incident modes with the discontinuity-surface electric and magnetic fields. The finite-element equation is expressed in terms of the entire magnetic and surface electric field of the obstacle. Compatible vector finite-element basis function expansions are inserted, resulting in a pair of matrix equations soluble for the unknown electric and magnetic basis coefficients. Corresponding two-port scattering parameters are further derived. Test cases of posts in theTE10 waveguide, with details of the matrix constructions, are described. Numerical results verified against an established commercial code are given. The ability to model inhomogeneous, lossy, and multiple scatterers is demonstrated. © 2006 IEEE.

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