Strong absorption model for elastic nuclear scattering and polarization of spin- 1 2 particles. Part III

Venter R.H. ; Frahn W.E. (1964)


The generalized strong-absorption model, developed in Parts I and II, is applied to the elastic scattering of alpha particles, He3, and heavy ions. Based on the analytical formulas obtained for the differential scattering cross sections, simple methods of analysis are described which greatly facilitate the extraction of parameter values from the experimental angular and energy distributions. By these methods, most of the existing data on alpha particle, He3, and heavy ion scattering are analyzed. It is shown that a simplified, three-parameter version of the general model is suflicient to represent these data. The values of the radius parameter τ0, the diffuseness parameter d, and the real phase parameter μ 4Δ resulting from the analysis of 43 He4, 12 He3, and 28 heavy ion angular distributions, and of 46 He4 energy distributions are presented. To illustrate the quality of the fits obtained, complete angular and energy distributions are shown for several typical cases. © 1964.

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