Design of high power CO2 TEA lasers and applications

Von Bergmann H.M. (2008)

Conference Paper

There are a number of key technologies involved in the successful design and construction of high power, Carbon Dioxide TEA lasers (Transverse Excitation Atmospheric). These include uniform field electrodes, excitation circuit design including high voltage switching, discharge preionisation and for high repetition, high power applications fast transverse gas flow and the management of acoustic waves. This paper provides a summary of the design aspects of high repetition rate, high average power CO2 TEA lasers. Experimental data measured on high power CO2 TEA laser systems delivering average outputs of several kW and kHz repetition rates will be reported showing the detrimental effect of acoustic waves on laser performance and the improvement that can be achieved through effective acoustic damping measures. © 2008 American Institute of Physics.

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