A monophone speech generation system

Klompje G. ; Niesler T.R. (2007)


Current speech synthesis systems generally require large and carefully annotated speech corpora for their development. However, for many languages these resources are not available. This paper describes a speech generation algorithm based on monophone subword units for minimal reliance on such databases. The system is based on the source-filter speech production framework, and includes a linear prediction based vocal tract model as well as an excitation model. An interpolation algorithm is presented to allow coarticulation between monophone units to be modelled. The excitation model includes a method for dealing with voiced and partiallyvoiced sounds based on a Gaussianity measure applied to the excitation spectrum. Promising first results were obtained when evaluating the intelligibility of the developed system's South African English speech output using the modified rhyme test and semantically unpredictable sentences.

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