Palaeoenvironmental interpretation of tabular sandstones in the Beaufort Group of the Karoo Basin, South Africa

Le Roux J.P. (1992)

The Klipbankskraal sandstone probably represents a low-sinuosity braided river, as indicated by the low palaeocurrent dispersion, dominance of upper flow-regime plane beds, poorly developed Markov cyclicity, and three-dimensional lithofacies trends. It differs in many respects from the Banksgaten sandstone, for which a high-sinuosity, multichannel (anastomosing?) system is indicated by palaeocurrent data, dominantly lower flow-regime sedimentary structures, strongly developed Markov property, and evidence for point bar sedimentation. The Mooifontein sandstone has a distinctly coarsening-upward basal section and fan-shaped distributary system, suggesting deposition in a lacustrine delta. -from Author

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