Linear relations between high-purity energy levels in A=12-16 nuclei

Van Der Merwe J.H. ; Villet C.M. (1974)


We have assumed the T=0 negative-parity quartets of levels in A=14 nuclei, as well as the T=1 negative-parity quartet in A=16 nuclei, to represent pure configurations. Linear relationships between the energies of these groups of levels produce results which are consistent with the relevant part of the single-particle energy spectrum in this region. From the given A=14 energy values conclusions are made concerning the low positive-parity levels in A=15. Due consideration is given to the necessary Coulomb corrections in all the calculations. NUCLEAR STRUCTURE A=12-16; calculated Coulomb energies, single-particle energies. A=16 negative-parity states and A=15 positive-parity states; deduced level positions. © 1974 The American Physical Society.

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