Sensitivity of quasielastic (p,n) spin-transfer observables to relativistic Dirac effects

Hillhouse G.C. ; De Kock P.R. (1995)


Spin-transfer observables have been calculated for the quasielastic (p,n) reaction according to the relativistic plane wave impulse approximation, using two different parametrizations of the NN interaction. The target nucleus is Ca40 and the proton lab energies range from 135 to 500 MeV, while the momentum transfer is kept fixed at a (fairly large) value of 1.97 fm-1. An analysis is made of the sensitivity of these spin observables with respect to relativistic Dirac effects, the form of the N vertex and exchange contributions to the NN amplitudes. These sensitivities are found to be selective with respect to the different spin observables over the whole proton energy range. The results are also compared to those of the corresponding (p,p) reaction, which we formerly presented. © 1995 The American Physical Society.

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