Integral rein control in physiology II: A general model

Saunders P.T. ; Koeslag J.H. ; Wessels J.A. (2000)


We generalize the principle of integral rein control to include other systems which partition in such a way that the equilibrium values of some variables are not dependent on the equations governing those variables. Instead, they are determined by the dynamics of other, 'regulator' variables. We improve our earlier model for the control of glucose by insulin and glucagon by relaxing the condition necessary for it to operate. The two hormones do not have to be inhibited in the same way; they need only respond to the same combination of their concentrations. We also present a model for the control of ionized calcium by PTH and calcitonin and suggest that the role of chromogranin A may be to stabilize an otherwise unstable system. (C) 2000 Academic Press.

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