Stable methylation patterns in interspecific antelope hybrids and the characterization and localization of a satellite fraction in the Alcelaphini and Hippotragini

Robinson T.J. ; Wittekindt O. ; Pasantes J.J. ; Modi W.S. ; Schempp W. ; Morris-Rosendahl D.J. (2000)


Conflicting data has recently appeared concerning altered methylation patterns in interspecific mammalian hybrids and the potential this may hold for driving karyotypic evolution. We report no detectable methylation difference in the genomic DNA of different interspecific F1 antelope hybrids (family Bovidae) and their parent species using the methylation-sensitive enzyme HpaII and its methylation insensitive isoschizomer MspI. However, both enzymes released a tandemly repeated satellite array. Characterization of the repeat using Southern blotting and a combination of sequencing, fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH) and C-banding, shows some similarity in the family of repeats between the hybridizing antelope species groups, and that the satellite is localized in the centromeric C-band positive regions of the chromosomes. Moreover, although there is little meaningful sequence homology with the well characterized bovine 1.715 satellite DNA, there is 86% sequence similarity with the sheep/goat satellite I, suggesting that they are related and are likely to have originated and evolved separately from the bovine unit.

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