On the modeling of non-Newtonian purely viscous flow through high porosity synthetic foams

Smit G.J.F. ; Du Plessis J.P. ; Wilms J.M. (2005)


In a previous paper a model was proposed for the prediction of non-Newtonian, purely viscous flow, through isotropic high porosity synthetic foams. However, based on work done for creep flow of a Newtonian fluid through two-dimensional arrays of squares, an adaptation to the existing model is discussed and a volumetric partitioning is proposed which facilitates the introduction of possible stagnant regions within the flow domain. Three models, for non-Newtonian purely viscous flow, were derived that allow for various staggering configuration, namely doubly, singly staggered and non-staggered configurations. Results from the proposed model for a doubly staggered configuration compared favorably to experimental pressure gradient data. © 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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