S-parameter measurements yielding the characteristic matrices of MTLs

dc.contributor.authorvan der Merwe Jaco
dc.contributor.authorReader Howard Charles
dc.contributor.authorCloete Johannes Hendrik
dc.identifier.citationProceedings of the South African Symposium on Communications and Signal Processing, COMSIG
dc.description.abstractA frequency domain method is presented which yields accurate characteristic matrices of uniform multiconductor transmission lines (MTLs). It uses simple two-port network analyzer S-parameter measurements of a set of open-circuit and short-circuited MTL configurations. Transversely inhomogeneous MTLs can be characterized accurately in their quasi-TEM propagation regime. The technique was used to determine the inductance and capacitance matrices of a low loss three conductor ribbon cable above a ground plane. Comparisons with numerically and analytically obtained data are given. Measurements are found to be repeatable for lines of length l<λ/4. The λ/4 requirement is not found to be a restriction in the MHz regime and only plays a role as line end effects become significant at GHz frequencies. Obtained accuracy is significantly better than previously reported results.
dc.subjectElectric losses
dc.subjectElectric network analyzers
dc.subjectElectromagnetic wave propagation
dc.subjectCharacteristic matrices
dc.subjectMulticonductor transmission lines (MTL)
dc.subjectTelecommunication lines
dc.titleS-parameter measurements yielding the characteristic matrices of MTLs

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