Nectria serpens sp. nov. and its hyphomycetous anamorph Xenocylindrocladium gen. nov.

Decock C. ; Hennebert G.L. ; Crous P.W. (1997)


A homothallic species of Nectria producing a Cylindrocladium-like anamorph was collected from bark of a fallen tree in the Amazonian forest in Ecuador. The anamorph, which is placed in a new genus, Xenocylindrocladium, is characterized by forming straight, cylindrical, 1-septate conidia borne on penicillate conidiophores with coiled, avesiculate stipe extensions. The teleomorph, which is best accommodated in Nectria, is distinct in forming yellow-orange perithecia with red ostiolar regions, ellipsoidal, smooth, hyaline, 1-septate ascospores, and long-stalked, cylindrical asci with apical discharge mechanisms. Both the teleomorph and anamorph states are newly described as Nectria serpens and Xenocylindrocladium serpens.

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