Batcheloromyces species occurring on Proteaceae in South Africa

Taylor J.E. ; Crous P.W. ; Wingfield M.J. (1999)


Batcheloromyces spp. are dematiaceous hyphomycetes which cause leaf spots on members of the Proteaceae in South Africa. The leaf spots are non-necrotic and composed of numerous sporodochial conidiomata. Conidiogenesis is holoblastic with percurrent, enteroblastic proliferation producing conidiogenous cells with ragged and irregular annellations. Brown, verrucose, aseptate and multiseptate conidia are produced. Conidia produced percurrently, can remain adhered to each other in fragile chains, disarticulating to produce aseptate conidia or, in some cases, they remain as multiseptate conidia where further schizolytic cleavage, at the delimiting septa, may or may not occur. This paper compares Batcheloromyces with the morphologically similar Stigmina, discusses the current members of Batcheloromyces and introduces the new species B. leucospermi.

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