ITS and β-tubulin phylogeny of Phaeoacremonium and Phaeomoniella species

Groenewald M. ; Kang J.-C. ; Crous P.W. ; Gams W. (2001)


Based on ITS and β-tubulin sequence data of 33 isolates, the newly introduced genus, Phaeomoniella was confirmed as being distinct from Phaeoacremonium (Pm.). Phylogeny inferred from DNA sequences and cultural characteristics also confirmed the species status of Pm. aleophilum and Pm. angustius, which were recently reduced to synonymy. Pm. aleophilum has an optimum growth rate at 30 °C and the ability to grow at 35°, whereas Pm. angustius has an optimum growth rate at 25 °C and does not grow at 35°. Furthermore, ITS and β-tubulin sequence data showed Pm. viticola to be indistinguishable from Pm. angustius, while a new species, Pm. mortoniae, could be distinguished from this complex.

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