The problematics of synopsis articles in the compilation of dictionaries in Gabon [De la problématique des articles synopsis dans la compilation des dictionnaires au Gabon]

Saphou-Bivigat G. ; Ella E.M. (2006)


Gabon has a multilingual and multicultural character resulting in a linguistic and sociolinguistic environment that must be taken into account in the compilation of dictionaries. Compared to simple articles, synopsis articles offer a better approach to the transfer of linguistic and cultural information in dictionaries. In other words, in Gabon, the focus should be on the use of synopsis articles in dictionaries that must be compiled to take into account and convey in these works the linguistic and cultural diversity of this country. This is very important because the utilisation of synopsis articles does not depend on dictionary typology. The aim of this article is to suggest different methodological approaches for which lexicographers and compilers of dictionaries can use synopsis articles to present linguistic and cultural data. These methodological approaches take into account the use of these articles in different types of dictionaries. These developments will be discussed and evaluated for their ability to present and treat the encyclopedic aspect of lexical items. The emphasis will not only be on the treatment of synopsis articles in the central list, but also on back matter texts that can also contain a text with a list of all the items which are the treatment units of these articles in this central part of the dictionary. In other words, the focal point of this article is directed at the level of the utilisation of synopsis articles in the central list which will be completed by alphabetical registers in the back matter texts for the compilation of different types of dictionaries which will be polyaccessible in offering to users rapid access means to reach both linguistic and cultural data.

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