"In herinnering aan die kinders ... wat aan honger en koue moet sterf" : liturgie in 'n konteks van armoede

dc.contributor.authorWepener, Casen_ZA
dc.contributor.authorCilliers, Johanen_ZA
dc.descriptionPublication of this article was funded by the Stellenbosch University Open Access Fund.en_ZA
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dc.description.abstractThis article asks the question how, if at all, the reality of poverty is currently being reflected in a typical middle class Dutch Reformed liturgy. Using Oscar Kokoschka’s drawing “Solidary Christ” as a locus theologicus, it is argued that two Christian rituals, namely the Lord’s Supper and offerings (and specifically in combination), are two very important rituals which should go through a process of liturgical inculturation with specific regards to poverty. A brief look at Scripture and the history of liturgy confirm this connection. It also brings to the fore the ethical obligation lived out in a life of gratitude with regards to the poor, that participation in these rituals entail. Finally some suggestions are made for the liturgical inculturation of these two rituals within a context of poverty which may firstly help a typical middle class Dutch Reformed liturgy to reflect on the current South African context of poverty, and secondly to assist in the connection between liturgy and life.en_ZA
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dc.format.extent9 p. : ill.en_ZA
dc.identifier.citationWepener, C. J. & Cilliers, J. H. 2004. "In herinnering aan die kinders... wat aan honger en koue moet sterf." Liturgie in 'n konteks van armoede. Nederduitse Gereformeerde Teologiese Tydskrif, Supplementum, 45(2):364-372.en_ZA
dc.identifier.issn2226-2385 (online)en_ZA
dc.identifier.issn0028-2006 (print)en_ZA
dc.publisherStellenbosch University, Faculty of Theologyen_ZA
dc.rights.holderAuthors retain copyrighten_ZA
dc.subjectPoverty -- Religious aspects -- Christianityen_ZA
dc.subjectChurch work with the pooren_ZA
dc.title"In herinnering aan die kinders ... wat aan honger en koue moet sterf" : liturgie in 'n konteks van armoedeaf_ZA
dc.title.alternative"In memory of the children … who have to die of cold and hunger" : liturgy in a context of povertyen_ZA
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