Modelling the determinants of the business performance of small and micro accommodation enterprises in the formal sector in South Africa

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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH SUMMARY : This study investigated the nature and the extent of the inter-relationships between the Kirznerian and Schumpeterian entrepreneur types and decision styles, decision context prioritisations, strategic orientations as determinants of small accommodation enterprise performance within the formal South African accommodation enterprise sector. The study distinguished between two decision styles, namely cognitive and emotive decision making. Quality, customer satisfaction, impact on the natural environment, speed of reaction, ethical conduct and profit maximisation were considered as decision context prioritisations. Market and relationships strategic orientations were considered as alternative strategic alignments. The small tourism enterprise performance construct was assessed by considering the number of customers, amount of customer spending, profit margin, number of employees, number of loyal customers, sales revenue, total costs and total employee costs of the accommodation enterprises. The demographic profiles of the accommodation enterprise owner-managers were explored and characterised according to the age of the venture, age of the owner-manager, the owner-manager’s experience in the tourism industry, number of employees, gender, language, motivation to be in the tourism industry and the location of the enterprise in South Africa. The various associations between the demographic profile variables and entrepreneur types, decision styles, decision context priorities, strategic orientations and small tourism enterprise performance were additionally determined. Techniques such as exploratory factor analysis, correlation analyses, multiple regression analyses, Chi-square analyses, analyses of variance and partial least squares structural equation modelling were applied to analyse the data. The main determinants to small accommodation enterprise performance, as modelled by this study, were found to be the possession of a growth-oriented mindset, the utilisation of a cognitive decision style and the application of a market strategic orientation. The link between Kirznerian and Schumpeterian entrepreneur types and small accommodation enterprise performance was additionally found to be through the mediating role of a market strategic orientation. Significant associations between some demographic variables and small enterprise performance, market strategic orientation and decision context variables were described. Schumpeterian entrepreneur type was found to rank profit maximisation as decision priority low relative to quality, customer satisfaction and ethical orientation.
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Thesis (PhD)--Stellenbosch University, 2017.
Entrepreneurship, Kirznerian entrepreneur, Schumpeterian entrepreneur, Decision making, Strategic orientation, Decision making -- Psychological aspects, Decision making -- Environmental aspects, Tourism -- South Africa, Small business -- South Africa, Organisational performance, UCTD