Endoscopic lung volume reduction in severe emphysema

dc.contributor.authorKoegelenberg, Coenraad Frederik N.en_ZA
dc.contributor.authorTheron, Johanen_ZA
dc.contributor.authorBruwer, J. W.en_ZA
dc.contributor.authorAllwood, Brian W.en_ZA
dc.contributor.authorVorster, Morne J.en_ZA
dc.contributor.authorVon Groote-Bidlingmaier, Florianen_ZA
dc.contributor.authorDheda, Keertanen_ZA
dc.identifier.citationKoegelenberg, C. F. N., et al. 2015. Endoscopic lung volume reduction in severe emphysema. South African Medical Journal, 105(9):721-723, doi:10.7196/SAMJnew.8144
dc.identifier.issn2078-5135 (online)
dc.identifier.issn0256-9574 (print)
dc.descriptionCITATION: Koegelenberg, C. F. N., et al. 2015. Endoscopic lung volume reduction in severe emphysema. South African Medical Journal, 105(9):721-723, doi:10.7196/SAMJnew.8144.
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dc.description.abstractENGLISH ABSTRACT: Therapeutic options in severe emphysema are limited. Endoscopic lung volume reduction (ELVR) refers to bronchoscopically inducing volume loss to improve pulmonary mechanics and compliance, thereby reducing the work of breathing. Globally, this technique is increasingly used as treatment for advanced emphysema with the aim of obtaining similar functional advantages to surgical lung volume reduction, while reducing risks and costs. There is a growing body of evidence that certain well-defined subgroups of patients with advanced emphysema benefit from ELVR, provided that a systematic approach is followed and selection criteria are met. In addition to endobronchial valves, ELVR using endobronchial coils is now available in South Africa. The high cost of these interventions underscores the need for careful patient selection to best identify those likely to benefit from such procedures.en_ZA
dc.format.extent3 pagesen_ZA
dc.publisherHealth & Medical Publishing Groupen_ZA
dc.subjectBronchoscopes -- Coilsen_ZA
dc.subjectEmphysema, Pulmonaryen_ZA
dc.subjectEndoscopic surgery -- Lungsen_ZA
dc.subjectAir valvesen_ZA
dc.titleEndoscopic lung volume reduction in severe emphysemaen_ZA
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dc.rights.holderHealth & Medical Publishing Groupen_ZA

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