A roadmap towards significant customer value in a complex product environment

Pretorius, G. D. P. ; Du Preez, N. D. (2016)

CITATION: Pretorius, G. D. P. & Du Preez, N. D. 2016. A roadmap towards significant customer value in a complex product environment. In Competitive Manufacturing, International Conference on Competitive Manufacturing (COMA '16), 27-29 January 2016, Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

The original publication is available at http://conferences.sun.ac.za/index.php/doie/coma16

Conference Paper

ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Three fundamental processes of an enterprise are development, operations and marketing. When a product or service (Knowledge Item) is introduced to a customer, a specific series of success events are triggered. These events are modelled by using a roadmap underpinned by environmental influences, key (specific) decisions as well as human interaction between different role players’ involved in the life cycle of the product or service. Consequential phases of the engineering lifecycle drive an increasing maturity level of knowledge associated with the development item. A three-dimensional space is utilised to describe the knowledge attributes of the development item under discussion. This approach improves the success rate of a complex project by conceptualising premeditated (road mapped) tacit and explicit knowledge exchanges with the customers within the associated success events. A holistic roadmap towards realising customer value, and consequently the improved enterprise success, is discussed. The enabling contribution of human interaction factors towards the success are categorised and evaluated. Our understanding of the roadmap towards true customer value was augmented with applied studies in the areas of knowledge management, innovation, leadership, and other elements of the model. Project based case studies were conducted using a structured questionnaire sent to all knowledge workers with specific identified experience on the selected case studies. This resulted in a better understanding of dynamic, interdependent processes within the roadmap. This roadmap can be used to improve the probability of success of an enterprise by understanding the specific elements and their sensitivities towards the success event’s outcome. These events can be manipulated to benefit the enterprise. It will enhance its competitive position as well as the success related with a specific project, thereby realizing a significant value proposition for the customer.

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