Organisational learning and monitoring and evaluation in project-based organisations

Chipato, Ngonidzashe (2016-03)

Thesis (MPhil)--Stellenbosch University, 2016.


ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Organisation routines are central to performance and, if organised and done in a non-imitable way, allow for an organisation to gain competitive advantage. The objective of the thesis is to identify ways in which Project-Based Organisations (PBOs) can learn and ultimately gain the competitive advantage. PBOs, unlike other organisations, have their work and tasks organised in a different way, which may allow for or make learning difficult if no effort to support learning is in place. To answer the question of learning in PBOs and propose a model that can be adapted by PBOs, this thesis is organised as follows: Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the research, providing the research design and question in which this thesis is based on. Further, the study methodology and limitations are provided. Chapter 2 deals with the importance of dynamic capabilities in a firm and how firms can gain a competitive advantage through routines and processes that support the development of dynamic capabilities. Chapter 3 provides an overview of monitoring and evaluation (M&E), the advantages of the routines and how this can support PBO learning. A lot of information and knowledge is created during M&E activities and such knowledge could be useful in supporting learning in projects. Chapter 4 covers a literature analysis on Organisational Learning with specific emphasis on how this can be achieved in PBOs is the focus of the chapter. Single loop learning, double loop and triple loop learning are discussed. Chapter 5 describes a working theoretical framework of how PBOs can learn utilising M&E is provided. The theoretical framework is based on concepts presented in the previous chapters, taking cognisance of the structure of PBOs.

AFRIKAANS OPSOMMING: Hierdie tesis handel oor roetines in projekgebaseerde organisasies. Die vraag is hoe sodanige organisasies kan leer ten spyte van die gebrek aan kantinuïteit wat hulle kenmerk. Die tesis ondersoek die konsepte van ‘dynamic capapbilities‘, organisatoriese leer en monitering en evaluasie. Dit sluit af met die voorlegging van ʼn teoretiese raamwerk vir projekgebaseerde organisasies.

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