Decay of Be6 populated in the Li6(He3,H3) charge-exchange reaction

Papka P. ; Alvarez-Rodriguez R. ; Nemulodi F. ; Bark R.A. ; Fox S.P. ; Gal J. ; Ibrahim T.T. ; Kalinka G. ; Kheswa N.Y. ; Lawrie E.A. ; Lawrie J.J. ; Lieder E.O. ; Lieder R.M. ; Madiba T.E. ; Molnar J. ; Mullins S.M. ; Newman R.T. ; Nyako B.M. ; Shirinda O. ; Singo T.D. ; Timar J. (2010)


A complete kinematic measurement of the Li6(He3,H3)αpp reaction is performed at Elab=50MeV, to investigate the cluster structure of Be6. The energy and angular distributions of the breakup particles, emitted from the ground and first excited states of Be6, are compared to three-body resonance and two-body sequential decay calculations. The results indicate a rather pure three-body configuration of the 2+ state of Be6 but they are not conclusive regarding the decay mode of the 0+ state. No branching ratio between sequential and three-body decay paths could be extracted. Excitations above the 2+ state were populated at Ex=1.67-23MeV. Decay through Li5-p and He2-He4 channels is identified in the continuum of Be6, and the reaction mechanism is discussed. © 2010 The American Physical Society.

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