Die Breytie boek : 'n versameling artikels oor Suid-Afrikaanse teater opgedra aan P.P.D. Breytenbach (24th January 1904 - 2nd March 1984)

Hauptfleisch , Temple (1985)

A collection of articles on South African theatre dedicated to P.P.B. Breytenbach (24th January 1904 - 2nd March 1984)

'n Versameling artikels oor Suid-Afrikaanse Teater opgedra aan P.P.B. Breytenbach (24ste Januarie 1904 - 2de Maart 1984)


To serve as background for the articles I have included a general chronology on the history of South African theatre (1887-1984) identifying some of the highlights of the period. The book consists of three main sections: First there is a section on Breytie the man: his life, his personality and his contribution. This is followed by one on the history of the theatre in the country, mainly as fas as Breytie was directly or indirectly involved in it. This includes some items on the industry today (the performing arts councils, organizations and service institutions) as well as an overview of trends in the 80's. The third section contains personal tributes to P. P. B. Breytenbach by his friends and colleagues over the years.

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