The establishment and role of HOPE Cape Town in the fighting of HIV and AIDS in Cape Town, South Africa : a case study

Louw, Edwin Leonard (2013-03)

Thesis (MPhil)--Stellenbosch University, 2013.


ENGLISH ABSTRACT: HIV and AIDS infiltrated our communities to such an extent that it has cut across racial and religious groups and opened up dialogues especially amongst the youth today. Unemployment and socio-economic challenges are giving the spread of HIV and AIDS a perfect platform to further destroy human capacity and destroying communities. HIV and AID, undoubtedly, introduced the ‘blame-game’ as to who is more responsible for the HIV infection rate in some instances. Facing the news of being tested HIV positive created the opportunity to share your stories of brokenness, aiming for healing and eventually breakdown the barriers of stigma and discrimination. Government departments, NGO’s and all interested community people need to look for more structured ways around HIV and AIDS intervention programmes to tackle the spread with possible and available resources earmarked for this fight. Education and health, in as so far, continue to remain the two compelling issues regarding HIV and AIDS. Dealing with HIV and AIDS constantly is still looking for new ways how to renew information, extending social inclusion invitations and develop coping mechanism. HIV and AIDS is still regarded as a death sentence for many in this world and for the ordinary South African family. People living with HIV and AIDS and concerned activist consistently demonstrated the eagerness to adopt a healthy life-style by accepting their status and breaking the silence over the deadly HIV virus. This undignified virus has taken more lives than the two World War One and Two jointly together. This virus left behind a devastating trail of hopelessness and exposes the vulnerability of children and women to communities that are on the fringes of HIV and AIDS. The story of HOPE Cape Town is about confronting HIV and AIDS together and not just about accumulating statistics of those been tested HIV-positive. An organisation that is eager recognizing that every individual can be affected and that the impact of HIV and AIDS calls upon an effective preventative care and support approach.

AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Hierdie werkstuk dokumenteer die ontstaan van die HOPE Cape Town projek in die vorm van ‘n gevallestudie. Daar word eerstens aandag gegee aan die gemeenskapsprobleme wat bestaan het voor die totstandkoming van die projek en die geskiedkundige besonderhede van die onstaan van die HOPE Cape Town projek word daarna kronologies aangebied. Die werstuk bespreek die huidige funsksies van die projek in detail en doen daarna ‘n kritiese evaluering van die projek. Die werkstuk sluit af met ‘n kort bespreking van verdere uitdagings wat bestaan vir die HOPE Cape Town projek.

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