An evaluation of dextranomer as a cleansing agent in the treatment of the postphlebitic stasis ulcer

Groenewald J.H.
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Recent reports in the literature have indicated that dextranomer (Debrisan; Adcock-Ingram) is an effective cleansing agent for the secreting wound. To evaluate its possible use in the initial cleansing of the infected secreting stasis ulcer, 100 patients were incorporated in a single-blind randomized trial. The mean cleansing time for the Debrisan-treated ulcers was 5.9 days, compared with 15.4 days for the control group receiving standard treatment. The average healing time for ulcers treated with Debrisan and left to heal spontaneously was 4.4 weeks compared with 5.32 weeks for the controls. Debrisan, furthermore, decreased the amount of local tissue edema and alleviated local pain in the majority of patients. It is feasible to use Debrisan for outpatient treatment and without additional staff in a busy clinic. The cost of Debrisan therapy appeared to be reasonable. A hydrophilic cleansing agent such as Debrisan has a definite place in the early treatment of the secreting infected postphlebitic stasis ulcer.
dextranomer, cleaning, clinical trial, controlled study, drug therapy, human, leg ulcer, peripheral vascular system, phlebitis, polydextran, randomized controlled trial, therapy, topical drug administration, wound care, Chlorohydrins, Clinical Trials, Comparative Study, Debridement, Dextrans, Edema, Epichlorohydrin, Female, Granulation Tissue, Human, Male, Pain, Phlebitis, Povidone-Iodine, Random Allocation, Time Factors, Varicose Ulcer, Wound Healing