The township trumpet educator

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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This study attempts to address some shortcomings of brass tuition in South Africa. It is unique in its approach in concentrating on musicians from previously disadvantaged communities, although the content of the document can be equally successfully applied to brass teaching in general. The study differs from any previous written material on this topic in that it takes the background of the previously disadvantaged educator and learner into consideration. It therefore does not assume that the learner can read music or that the educator has any formal training. The challenge is thus to write a document to provide the educator and learner with basic information in a medium that does not take anything for granted and that also offers some practical guidance in already existing projects. As a starting point a background is offered to produce a general overview of the problem. My research has convinced me that a document which consists only of a written text would not be sufficient to guide the educator and learner. I have therefore set out to accompany the text document with a practical trumpet manual. South African melodies were predominantly used as study material. This offers the opportunity to all South African learners from different cultural backgrounds to identify with the study material. My literature review includes a selection of the most commonly used beginner brass manuals in South Africa. For practical reasons I made use of abbreviations in the trumpet manual to indicate the source of a particular melody.
Thesis (MMus) -- Stellenbosch University, 2002.
Trumpet -- Instruction and study, Music -- South Africa, Dissertations -- Music