The design of a coupled co-axial resonator filter for low earth orbit satellites working at microwave frequencies

Sam, Lwazi
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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Keywords: Coupled resonator filters, Co-axial line resonators, Basic Coupling Design, Co-axial resonator filter The study of the basic dynamics of filters, with the emphasis on coupled resonator filters, is presented. Special attention is paid to the synthesis of doubly terminated coupling matrices using the Darlington method. Due to restrictions placed on the filter by the equivalent circuit used, a coupling matrix reduction is applied to the resulting coupling matrix. An investigation is performed on A/2 co-axial line resonators, with the emphasis on rectangular co-axial line resonators with a round center conductor. The basic definition of the coupling coefficient is revisited and it is calculated using the method based on Bethe's theory and Cohn's experimental work. A 4th-order co-axial resonator filter operating at 3 GHz is designed using the theory outlined in this thesis. The measured response is in good agreement with the theory in terms of the center frequency, but disagree in terms of the coupling coefficient, bandwidth and Q-factor. The reasons for this, as well as suggestions for improving the accuracy of the parameters mentioned, are given.
AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Sleutelwoorde: Gekoppelde resoneerder filters, Ko-aksiale lyn resoneerders, Basiese Koppeling Ontwerp, Ko-aksiale resoneerder filter Die studie van die basies dinamika van filters, met die klem op gekoppelde resoneerder filters, is voorgelê. Spesiale aandag is gegee aan die sintese van dubbelbelaste koppel matrikse met die gebruik van die Darlington metode. As gevolg van die beperkings wat op die filter geplaas word deur die gebruik van die ekwivalent stroombaan, word 'n koppel matriks vermindering gebruik. 'n Ondersoek is gedoen op A/2 ko-aksiale lyn resoneerders, met die klem op reghoekige ko-aksiale lyn resoneerders met 'n ronde binnegeleier. Die basiese definisie van die koppel koëffisiënt is hersien en dit is bereken met die gebruik van die metode wat baseer is op Bethe se teorie en Cohn se experimentele werk. 'n 4de-orde ko-aksiale resoneerder filter wat opereer by 3 GHz is ontwerp met die gebruik van die teorie wat in hierdie tesis gaskets word. Die gemete weergawe is in goeie ooreenkoms met die teorie in terme van die senter frekwensie, maar verskil in terme van die koppel koëffisiënt, bandwydte en Q-faktor. Die rede hiervoor, as ook voorstelle vir die verbetering van die akkuraatheid van die parameters wat genoem is, IS gegee.
Thesis (MScEng)--University of Stellenbosch, 2002.
Microwave filters, Dissertations -- Electronic engineering, Coupled-resonator filters, Coaxial resonators, Theses -- Electronic engineering