Modelling of layered cylindrical dielectric resonators with reference to whispering gallery mode resonators

Cherenack, K. H. (Kunigunde Hadelinde)
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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Keywords: Dielectric Resonators, Radial Mode Matching, Whispering Gallery Modes The aim of this investigation was to develop accurate modelling techniques to determine the resonant frequencies of dielectric resonators. These resonators could be simple dielectric posts, rings or combinations of these two. To do this, a radial mode matching technique was implemented and applied to a post resonator, a ring resonator and finally a combination of the two. The resulting method was used to develop a model of a high-Q whispering gallery mode resonator consisting of a post and a ring resonator combination with an spurious free region region.
AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Sleutelwoorde Dielektriese Resoneerders, Radiale Modale-Pas Tegniek, 'Whispering Gallery' Modus Die doel van hierdie navorsing was om 'n akkurate tegniek te ontwikkelom die resonante frekwensie van 'n dielektriese resoneerder vas te stel. Hierdie resoneerders kon eenvoudige resoneerders, ring resoneerders of kombinasies van die twee wees. 'n Radiale Modale-Pas tegniek is vir hierdie doel geïmplementeer en is op 'n eenvoudige resoneerder, 'n ring-resoneerder en kombinasies van die twee toegepas. Hierdie tegniek is dan gebruik om 'n hoë-Q resoneerder te ontwerp wat gebruik maak van 'n 'whispering gallery' modus. In hierdie geval is die resoneerder 'n kombinasie van 'n pil en 'n ring-resoneerder.
Thesis (MScEng)--University of Stellenbosch, 2002.
Dielectric resonators, Dissertations -- Electrical and electronic engineering, Theses -- Electrical and electronic engineering