E-commerce in South Africa : an overview

De Heus, Louisa
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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: E-commerce developed as a direct result of the Internet and it has impacted the way South African businesses conduct its operations and consumers receive their information. It is impossible to quantify the e-commerce phenomenon locally - this research study aims to cover most of the important areas impacted bye-commerce in South Africa. There are some barriers slowing the development of e-commerce in this country. The goal of this study is to determine if the local market is ready to accept e-commerce technologies that are already widely used in global markets. This research study examines the history of the Internet in South Africa and also raises the question whether the market was affected by the global dot com crash (also known as the dot bomb crash) experienced in 2000. The study also aims to identify the barriers hindering effective e-commerce in South Africa. It further highlights the importance of other areas of online commerce, such as mobile commerce (m-commerce), to bring the power of technology to consumers and collaboration commerce (c-commerce), to streamline business operations. Lastly, the study aims to explore the South African government's initiatives to effectively formulate a policy for e-commerce to protect the consumers' rights.
AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: E-handel het ontwikkel as gevolg van die Internet. Dit beïnvloed die manier waarop Suid-Afrikaanse besighede werk, en verbruikers kommunikasie ontvang. Dit is onmoontlik om die omvang van e-handel in Suid-Afrika te kwantifiseer - hierdie navorsingstudie se doel is om te fokus op die belangrikste areas wat deur e-handel beïnvloed is. Daar is hindernisse wat die ontwikkeling van e-handel in Suid-Afrika belemmer. Die doel van hierdie studie is om vas te stelof die plaaslike mark gereed is om e-handeltegnologie, wat alreeds in internasionale markte in gebruik is, te aanvaar. Die navorsingstudie ondersoek die geskiedenis van die Internet in Suid-Afrika en vra ook of die mark beïnvloed was deur die internasionale dot com ineenstorting van 2000 (dit word ook die dot bom ineenstorting genoem). Die studie kyk ook na wat effektiewe e-handel in Suid-Afrika keer. Dit fokus op die belangrikheid van ander areas van e-handel, soos mobiele elektroniese handel (m-handel), wat tegnologie op verbruikers se voorstoepe plaas, en saamwerk elektroniese handel (s-handel), wat besighede meer vaartbelyn maak. Laastens ondersoek die studie die Suid-Afrikaanse regering se pogings om 'n effektiewe beleid op te stel wat die verbruiker se regte te beskerm.
Thesis (MPhil)--University of Stellenbosch, 2002.
Internet marketing -- Government policy -- South Africa, Information technology -- Government policy -- South Africa, Electronic commerce -- Government policy -- South Africa, Dissertations -- Journalism, Theses -- Journalism