The relationship between Old Testament prophecy and nuer prophecy : a comparative theological study

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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This study alms to compare ancient Israelite (Old Testament) prophecy with Nuer prophecy within its respective religious contexts, to detect the differences and similarities. The most important differences between Israelite (Old Testament) and Nuer prophecy are: • Israelite prophecy presupposes monotheism while Nuer prophecy functions within a polytheistic rei igious context. • Nuer understanding of creation is far less explicit than the Israelite accounts of creation in Genesis 1 and 2. In explaining the reasons for the dissimilarities between Israelite (Old Testament) and Nuer prophecy, reference was made to the difference in geographical location, cultural and societal context. Among the more important similarities between Israelite (Old Testament) and Nuer prophecy are the points of view related to sin and sacrifice, as well as the distinction between true and false prophets and the role of prophets in society.
AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Hierdie studie beoog om In vergelyking te tref tussen anti eke Israelitiese (Ou Testament-) profesie en Nuer-profesie binne hulle onderskeie religieuse kontekste, en om ooreenkomste en verskille te identifiseer, Die volgende is die belangrikste verskille tussen Israelitiese (Ou Testament-) en Nuer-profesie: • Israelitiese profesie voorveronderstel rnonoteisrne terwyl Nuer-profesie binne In politeistiese religieuse konteks funksioneer. • Die Nuer-begrip van die skepping is aansienlik minder eksplisiet as die Israel itiese weergawes van die skepping in Genesis 1 en 2, In Verklaring van die gronde vir die verskille tussen anti eke Israelitiese (Ou Testament-) profesie en Nuer-profesie het faktore 5005 verskille in geografiese lokaliteit, kulturele en samelewingskontekste in ag geneern. Sommige van die belangriker ooreenkomste tussen anti eke Israelitiese (Ou Testament-) en Nuer-profesie wat genoem word, is die vertrekpunte betreffende sonde en offerande, sowel as die onderskeid tussen ware en vals profete en die rol van profete in die samelewing.
Thesis (MTh)--Stellenbosch University, 2001.
Bible. Old Testament -- Prophecies, Nuer (African people) -- Religion, Prophecies -- Comparative studies, Prophets, Dissertations -- Theology, Theses -- Theology, Dissertations -- Old and New Testament, Theses -- Old and New Testament