Analysis and synthesis of an active resonant snubber for high-power IGBT converters

dc.contributor.advisorMouton, H. du T.
dc.contributor.authorCombrink, Frederik Wilhelm
dc.contributor.otherStellenbosch University. Faculty of Engineering. Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.en_ZA
dc.descriptionThesis (MScEng)--University of Stellenbosch, 2001.en_ZA
dc.description.abstractENGLISH ABSTRACT: This thesis describes the study of two soft-switching inverter topologies that are well suited to high-power applications. For the first topology, namely an active resonant turn-off snubber, the existing theory is expanded with a detailed study into operation strategies and topology protection. This is followed by an investigation into the second topology, which is a combined snubber that reduces both turn-off and turn-on losses. The investigation involves a detailed analysis of the losses in the snubber components and main devices, as well as a study into the effects of parasitic components and diode reverse recovery on the operation of the snubber. Based on this theory a snubber optimisation procedure is also developed. Possible operation strategies and protection techniques were also evaluated for this topology. Single-phase experimental inverters were used to verify the basic operation theory and switching loss prediction for both topologies. The thesis is concluded by the design and construction of a practical soft-switching threephase inverter. After implementation the experimental inverter is used for theory verification.en_ZA
dc.description.abstractAFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Hierdie proefskrif beskryf die ondersoek na twee saggeskakelde omsetter topologieë wat veral geskik is vir hoë-drywing toepassings. Die bestaande teorie aangaande die eerste topologie, naamlik 'n aktiewe, resonante, afskakel gapser, word uitgebrei met 'n deeglike-studie oor bedryfstegnieke en beskermingsmetodes. Vervolgens word 'n gekombineerde gapser topologie, wat beide aanskakel- en afskakelverliese verminder, ondersoek. Die studie behels 'n volledige analise van die verliese in die omsetter en gapser komponente en die invloed van parasitêre komponente en diode tru-herstel. Hierdie teorie word ook gebruik om 'n optimale gapser ontwerp prosedure te ontwikkel. Die moontlikke bedryfstegnieke en beskermingsmetodes word ook vir hierdie topologie evalueer. In albei gevalle is eksperimentele, enkelfase omsetters gebruik om die teorie oor basiese werking en skakelverlies vermindering te verifieer. Die ondersoek word afgesluit deur die ontwerp en konstruksie van 'n praktiese, saggeskakelde, drie-fase omsetter te beskryf. Na implimentering van die omsetter word volledige eksperimentele verifikasie uitgevoer.af_ZA
dc.format.extent136 p. : ill.
dc.publisherStellenbosch : Stellenbosch Universityen_ZA
dc.subjectElectric current convertersen_ZA
dc.subjectSwitching circuitsen_ZA
dc.subjectDissertations -- Electronic engineeringen_ZA
dc.subjectTheses -- Electronic engineering
dc.titleAnalysis and synthesis of an active resonant snubber for high-power IGBT convertersen_ZA
dc.rights.holderStellenbosch Universityen_ZA

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