• Time for a culture change? suboptimal compliance with blood culture standards at a district hospital in Cape Town 

      Abrahams, Mohammad Shareef; Whitelaw, Andrew C.; Orth, Heidi (Health and Medical Publishing Group, 2015)
      Background. The benchmark for contaminated blood cultures (BCs) is 3%. The South African (SA) guideline aims to optimise BC yield and reduce contamination. Data on BC collection practices in SA since the publication of the ...
    • Tuberculosis research : the way forward 

      Beyers, A. D.; Donald, P. R.; Van Helden, P. D.; Ehlers, M. R. W.; Steyn, L.; Mizrahi, V. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1996)
      Tuberculosis is back on the world stage with a vengeance, perhaps at least partly as a consequence of complacency about the threat it posed in the recent past.
    • Whole-genome sequence of a mycobacterium goodii isolate from a pediatric patient in South Africa 

      Allam, Mushal; Joseph, Lavania; Ismail, Farzana; Said, Halima; Ismail, Nazir A.; Ismail, Arshad; Mtshali, Senzo; Mnyameni, Florah; Goussard, Pierre; Pekeur, Jade C.; Lourens, Adre; Omar, Shaheed V. (American Society for Microbiology, 2018)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: We describe here the draft genome sequence of a Mycobacterium goodii isolate from a pediatric patient in Western Cape, South Africa. To our knowledge, this is the second reported genome of this rapidly ...
    • Xenorhabdus khoisanae SB10 produces Lys-rich PAX lipopeptides and a Xenocoumacin in its antimicrobial complex 

      Dreyer, J.; Rautenbach, Marina; Booysen, E.; van Staden, A. D.; Deane, S. M.; Dicks, L. M. T. (BMC (part of Springer Nature), 2019-06-13)
      Background: Xenorhabdus spp. live in close symbiosis with nematodes of the Steinernema genus. Steinernema nematodes infect an insect larva and release their symbionts into the haemocoel of the insect. Once released into the ...