HIV/AIDS education and lifeskills training : a need in the corporate world/workplace in the WCP study project

Mminele, Monanana Margaret
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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: HIV/AIDS has been seen as a thorn in the Corporate World's flesh. It is destroying the workforce like a swarm of locust on a wheat field. The Government Departmental Sectors are no exceptions. This paper has been written after a through project that was undertaken at the Department of Transport and Public Works in Cape Town. It was found that there is a great need for HIV/AIDS Education and Life skills Training amongst all Government Departments. The objectives of the researcher were also based on the ILO's document and our South African Labour Law. The employees at 7 (Seven) District Offices were educated and workshoped on HIV/AIDS Education. It was impossible to have all three Employee Assistant Programmes conducted within 7 (Seven) months of the project. The programmes for HIV/AIDS Education and Training entailed Pre-Awareness, Awareness and Post-Awareness. Only the Pre- Awareness programme was completed with a bit of Awareness was covered. In the workplace situation, time means money and it seems as if less time is allocated to the health part of the employees. Common and better methods in facilitating for HIV/AIDS Education and Trainings were by "Cascade Model, On-Job-Training (OJT) or Front Line Training (FLT) and Workshop Sessions" seem to be more appropriate, yielding better communication skills between the employees and employers. A simple questionnaire was constructed on the basis that the sample group was workshopped. The response was great and constructive comments were received from the employees, for example a question was "Do you find it good to celebrate the 09th - 15th February: Condom Week; 16th May: International AIDS Candle Memorial Day and 01st December: World AIDS Day"? Answer: YES - It creates awareness and unites people for the same course. It became interesting to the researcher in noticing how HIV/AIDS Education and Life Skills Training(HAELST) is very much needed in both Corporate/Private Sectors and Government Departments. In conclusion, recommendations are suggested to all Government Departmental and Private Sectors in HIV/AIDS Education and Training. The ball remains in the Corporate World to apply them as a tool to avoid loosing well qualified and skilful employees because of HIV/AIDS.
AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Die doel van hierdie navorsing was om die noodsaaklikheid van opleiding aan regeringsinstansies in MIV/Vigs en lewensvaardighede te beklemtoon. Die studie het op die Departement van Vervoer en Openbare Sake gefokus. Werknemers van 7 distrikskantore het werkswinkels in die verband bygewoon. Die werkswinkels het hoofsaaklik op voor-bewustheid, bewustheid en na-bewustheid van MIV/Vigs gefokus. Die data is deur middel van ‘n vraelys ingesamel wat die proefpersone na afloop van die werkswinkel voltooi het. Dit is bevind dat daar ‘n geweldige behoefte vir MIV/Vigs en lewensvaardigheid opleiding by privaat- sowel as regeringsinstansies is. Die aanbeveling is dat die instansies hul werknemers in die verband moet oplei op te verhoed dat hul gekwalifiseerde en vaardige werknemers as gevolg van MIV/Vigs verloor.
Thesis (MPhil)--Stellenbosch University, 2005.
HIV infections -- South Africa -- Prevention, AIDS (Disease) -- South Africa -- Prevention, Life skills -- Study and teaching -- South Africa, Social responsibility of business -- South Africa, Employee health promotion -- South Africa